The World Of Image Compression Today

Image compression is one of the best and interesting things ever discovered in this digital world. Although, a generally underrated topic, image compression accounts for almost all image files in your websites or even while storing your documents. It is intriguing how you can reduce the memory storage space of a picture without any remarkable compromise on its quality. In today’s world, where everyone

Postscript Level 2 Rip And The Secret Of Image Alchemy Price

The second brainchild of Handmade Software Inc, the Image Alchemy PS (An abbreviated form for Post Scrip) comes up with the PostScript Level 2 RIP that is versatile and powerful at the same time. It can not only read but also write on the PDF, EPS and PostScript formats which are already present on the Image Alchemy’s set of features. The limited single purpose delivered by RIP was expensive and hence