The second brainchild of Handmade Software Inc, the Image Alchemy PS (An abbreviated form for Post Scrip) comes up with the PostScript Level 2 RIP that is versatile and powerful at the same time.

It can not only read but also write on the PDF, EPS and PostScript formats which are already present on the Image Alchemy’s set of features.

The limited single purpose delivered by RIP was expensive and hence, in digitalized high-end production environments, requirement was high, so was productivity and profitability.

Conversion Of Postscript Level 2 RIP Files

“1200 dpi”

With Image Alchemy PS, the computer user can automatically identify the PostScript Level 2 RIP files to convert them in different formats. Unlike other image file formats read by Image Alchemy, in this case many characteristics of the particular input file will be altered in accordance with your requirement of the resulting file.

Take for example, when the PostScript file has to be differently interpreted for being displayed on color CRT v/s being displayed on black ‘n white typewriter with 1200 dpi, Image Alchemy needs specific parameters.

It does not know about the device that will use the image, hence during conversion, a lot of parameters need to be thoroughly specified.

Parameters Taken In Consideration

You don’t need to specify all the factors practically as Image Alchemy PS can make assumptions reasonably for various values of each parameter.

The parameters are:

  • Size of PostScript image in centimeters, pixels or inches
  • Coveted output image size in centimeters, pixels or inches
  • Resolution of output device in dpi (dots per inch)
  • Whether the image needs to be rotated or not
  • Whether the page(s) in the PostScript needs to be converted or not
  • Whether the image borders need to be clipped or not
  • The color variant of the output device –colored, black ‘n white or grayscale

Identification Of PostScript Files

“The software automatically identifies the PostScript Files.”

In most cases, the software automatically identifies the PostScript Files however if it fails to recognize the non-standard files under PostScript, the option -=14 is useful in forcing Image Alchemy PS to understand the file as PostScript file.

Requirement Of Disk Space

A significant amount of virtual memory or disc space is needed by rendering PostScript files. Such as a temporary file of over 25 MB size is created when you render an 8.5” x 11” colorized file at 300 dpi. Besides, in case there is shortage of RAM, Alchemy PS will use around 25 MB more space for the swap space which makes it 50 MB in total space used.

In case the same sized file but with black and white page is used, the temporary file will be much smaller in size i.e. about 1 MB.

But if you instruct Alchemy PS to generate colorized file even if there is only black and white file data available, the temporary file size will be smaller than before but still it will be a significant memory for swap space.

Render Large Image Files

“Render large image files.”

When the PostScript files are used devices with large format, the requirement of disk space, memory as well as the time for processing increases significantly.

To reduce so, you can render image file to intermediate size before using the –x and –y, the raster scaling operators of the Image Alchemy PS.

This will need lesser disk space.

The image scaling although reduces the final image quality, the results will seem indistinguishable from PostScript File rendering to final size directly.

Information Of Progress

Alchemy PS shows the progress information as the progress rate varies considerably as you try to interpret the file.

As PostScript is programming language, it might take longer for some commands than others. Image Alchemy is able to convert all the PostScript files under Level 1 and 2.

Pricing Is Remarkable

Handmade Software Inc obtained a small part of the PostScript RIP option along with lots of other formats supported by the Image Alchemy and hence, the price of this small format is affordable. It depends on the additional formats that constitute considerable value as the other vendors of RIP would need the users to pay for the full price of the software package.

When quality based information about the RIPs are not available, people generally take the price as indicator of quality. Although Handmade Software needed to raise prices, it rather informed public about the accessible products online.