From weather imaging to animation and graphics, the requirement of image compression and conversion for different purpose has taken a toll in the past few years. At Handmade Software Inc., the efficient and enthusiastic team is always in quest to make something so useful that people from every corner of the world can make the best use of their software. The Handmade Software started its journey in 1990 as a mere consultant farm but thanks to its two master consultants Allan Hessenflow and Marcos Woehrmann, the company gave their creativity a shot and the result is in front of the world today.

The Image Alchemy, the first brainchild of the company was the result of more than twenty five years of experience of

“Image Alchemy offers PostScript interpreter.”

Now, what is web Image Alchemy? With support for every possible variations of compression and all the color space formats, the software is able to convert more than 90 variegated raster image formats.

Be it gamma correction or color space conversion, palette manipulation or under color removal, the software is a versatile and powerful online image conversion software. As an added bonanza, the web Image Alchemy offers PostScript interpreter for its Image Alchemy PS version and 7 dithers of high quality.

As a manipulator of the image files on the computer, the software can convert industry standard and vendor specific web image formats. New formats are added every now and then regarding the development of technology and requirement of users. From GIF and Sun Raster to TIFF or Scodl are some of the most common conversion processes done with the software.

Changing number of color pixels of an image, resizing the image, changing the image from colorized to grayscale or black ‘n white as well as changing color space and image usage are some of the features that was not introduced by any software until then.

In course of time, new image conversion software has been being launched, but as a matter of fact, all those software was created on the foundation principle of Image Alchemy.

“The web Image Alchemy also supports printing.”

The Web Image Alchemy PS is efficient in converting PDF, EPS, PostScript, along with the general formats like PCX and TIFF, something which was almost an alienated topic during that time as not many software had the compatibility with such huge array of formats.

The web Image Alchemy also supports printing of PDF, EPS and PostScript image files from different plotters and printers of non-PostScript format namely HP DesignJet Plotters, Novajet plotters, HP LaserJet printers etc.

From the year 1991 to 1992, the web Image Alchemy has launched four versions of MS-DOS demos and over years the newer versions were added. The native formats include BIF, Histogram, HSI Raw, HSI JPEG, HSI Palette and Multi-Image Palette.

This pioneer software in conversion lets the user read and write digitized scanned images simultaneously and it can be said beyond any doubt that in this growing age of digitization, the web Image Alchemy emerged as the mother company for all the conversion software built afterwards.


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