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What started as a mere startup, now is flourishing as a widely recognized and stable company with satisfied customers from round the globe.

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To serve the utility of image compression and conversion, we launched Image Alchemy which supports over 90 raster image formats i.e. it had the ability to read and write the digitized scanned image files. We support every compression and color space types. The software has a number of features for color management including palette manipulation, colorspace conversion, undercolor removal and gamma correction. After the success of this software, we didn’t have to look back.

With Image Alchemy PS, we offered support for EPS, PDF and PostScript files simultaneously along with the other formats supported by Image Alchemy.

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The Handmade Software Inc has never compromised on the reliability, speed and quality of the software and file formats have always been hand tuned painstakingly to make each code module work.

Why Handmade Inc. Is No Longer In Business?

In order to offer a complete tool kit for image processing and image conversion, while also making sure that it works smoothly and efficiently, they started its journey in the month of June in 1992.

Everything About Image Alchemy

A game-changer for format conversion and image processing in the 1990’s when such image converting software was not widely available; this commercial software offered a command line utility.

Why Image Alchemy Web Is No Longer Working?

Image Alchemy is often called a pioneer in image conversion and compression. When it came into being as the first developed software, it was a mere image processing software for general purpose

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The web is literally exploding with websites. With hundreds, if not thousands of sites added every minute, it is obvious that the competition for grabbing visitor eyeballs is increasing. And it is widely acknowledged that one of the most important ways of making your website more attractive to the users is to include high quality images….

Who Were Marcos H. Woehrmann And Allan N. Hessenflow?

If the pages of the history of Handmade Software Inc are ever flipped over, the two names of Marcos H. Woehrmann along with Allan N. Hessenflow will definitely be on the first page. The company was incorporated in the year 1990 and it would not have been possible without the two consultants who had worked relentlessly to take the company to paramount. Both the masterminds had twenty

The World Of Image Compression Today

Image compression is one of the best and interesting things ever discovered in this digital world. Although, a generally underrated topic, image compression accounts for almost all image files in your websites or even while storing your documents. It is intriguing how you can reduce the memory storage space of a picture without any remarkable compromise on its quality. In today’s world, where everyone

The Extended Package: Introducing Image Alchemy Tools

Both the predecessor and successor image compression, processing and manipulation software by the Handmade Software Inc. needs high quality tools for image manipulation. The tools thus available are compatible for all the Personal Computers, UNIX systems and all the IBM systems. Let’s have a look at some of the important tools needed for standard image manipulation

Us Government Offices Who Used Image Alchemy

When it comes to quality, authenticity, reliability and efficiency, the Handmade Software Inc. has always made sure to match all these criteria for its wide user base. It is a well-known fact that the need of image compression and conversion has grown rapidly with the development of graphic designing, multimedia, weather report and so on. As the requirement does not remain limited to a certain boundary,

Image Alchemy Vs Image Alchemy Ps

Supporting more than ninety various raster image formats along with their compression variations and color space, the Image Alchemy by the Handmade Software Inc is efficient for compression and conversion of various formats. From under color removal to gamma correction, color space conversion to palette manipulation and 7 high quality dithers, the image Alchemy has a plethora of features

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