“Raster image”

Supporting more than ninety various raster image formats along with their compression variations and color space, the Image Alchemy by the Handmade Software Inc is efficient for compression and conversion of various formats.

From under color removal to gamma correction, color space conversion to palette manipulation and 7 high quality dithers, the image Alchemy has a plethora of features for color management.

On the other hand, Image Alchemy PS, the second generation image converter and compressor offers support for not only the 90+ formats supported by the Image Alchemy but also PostScript, PDF and EPS at the same time.

While coming with the package of all the existing features from Image Alchemy, it has a level 2 interpreter for PostScript which is fast and effective at the same time.

So, let’s see what the features are for Image Alchemy PS that distinguishes it from its predecessor Image Alchemy:

  • With the combination of the features of Image Alchemy, users can convert image files from OS/2, Mackintosh, UNIX and of course, Windows –thanks to their options for writing PostScript files in print options of the operating systems.
  • The size issue with large files will never be a problem with the Image Alchemy PS as the Level 2 interpreter has infinite scalability which can support output of plotters as large sized as 60 inch.
  • The Level 2 interpreter being threaded can utilize the advantages of the different operating systems which support multiple processors.
  • There is no need to add more memory when you can integrate the inkjet plotter with the Image Alchemy PS. Those who have used this combination have been thoroughly pleased after discovering that apart from saving time and money at the same time, they were able to generate output of higher quality.
  • You will be able to RIP the PostScript files with the help of Image Alchemy PS for the output to inkjet plotters of large format support.

What Are The Areas Where Image Alchemy PS Performs Better Than Image Alchemy?

“The Image Alchemy PS is shipped to each user with at least the standard package of thirty five PostScript fonts.”

The Image Alchemy PS is shipped to each user with at least the standard package of thirty five PostScript fonts.

The areas where the Image Alchemy PS performs better than its predecessor are:

  • GIS
  • CAD
  • Graphic Arts
  • PrePress
  • Digital Publishing
  • Multimedia
  • Web Animations
  • Fax Systems
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Document Processing etc

Apart from the above mentioned advantages over Image Alchemy, the Image Alchemy PS by Handmade Software Inc also is popular for its price.

Based on the other fraction of the additional formats, the price in which Handmade Software obtained the PostScript RIP, was really considerable and affordable too. While the other RIP vendors in the same run offers the full package and not single product, thereby making the user pay a large amount, the Image Alchemy PS is available at small cost.

While many would consider price being the factor in deciding the quality of a product, the high-end production of Image Alchemy PS in digital environment makes it stand out from its older version of Image Alchemy.