“The two administrators are Marcos H. Woehrmann and Allan N. Hessenflow”

From a simple startup company to emerging as a highly respected, widely known and stable company offering several high-end products, the journey of Handmade Software Inc was a history in itself.

The credit in taking the company to paramount success goes to none other than the brilliant duo named Marcos H. Woehrmann and Allan N. Hessenflow who gave relentless efforts in creating and developing the software of Image Alchemy and Image Alchemy PS along with many commercial software for different companies in contractual basis.

From designing and implementing video photo booths to converting image files, from color conversion to image scaling – various image manipulation methods were created by the company which served users round the world, even in the Antarctic polar region!

What Is Alchemy Administrator?

“Marcos H. Woehrmann”

As mentioned earlier, from Image Alchemy to Image Alchemy PS, Image Printer to Alchemy Tools, the Alchemy Administrator is, to put it simple, the brain behind automating the commands from of different Alchemy products.

Any technically proficient administrator can set up the Alchemy Administrator which is designed to be set up quickly. Once it is set up fully, even an user who is novice in using computer, can use it virtually.

The Alchemy Administrator has a documentation which perfectly explains how a technically proficient operator will set up the directory. Once the directory is set up, the commands which are determined at the time of set up, will be spawned automatically whenever an user copies any file into the prospective directory.

Hence, to put it simple, the Alchemy Administrator lets the user take an image and copy that to directory easily so that it can show the “fixed image”.

Where Alchemy Administrator Comes Useful?

“The Alchemy Administrator is efficient in directing various corporate operations.”

As developed by Woehrmann and Hessenflow, the Alchemy Administrator is efficient in directing various corporate operations like human resources, shipping, purchasing, finance, marketing, engineering, OEM, reseller and sales and distribution.

In documentation, collateral development like brochures, packaging, manuals, website designing, conversion demo in real time and in advertisements, the Administrator comes handy.

Besides, it also assesses feature additions, creates budget etc.

Products That Are Administered Under Alchemy Administrator

Among the various products of Handmade Software Inc. that are operated by the Alchemy Administrator.

The main two are:

  • Image Alchemy –While supporting an array of formats for compression and conversion, the Image Alchemy is able to read and write the digitized and scanned images. For each color space as well as the compression type applicable for each supported format, the Handmade Software Inc offers support.
  • Image Alchemy PS –The second product from Handmade Software Inc , Image Alchemy PS comes with versatile and powerful level 2 RIP that is able to read and write formats like PostScript, PDF and EPS to rich set of features of Image Alchemy. In high-end production environments with digitization, the productivity and profitability needed more than what an expensive yet limited single-purpose RIP would deliver.

The compatibility of Alchemy Administrator with IBM as well as all the Personal Computers and UNIX operators has made it quite popular among wide spectrum of users.