“Ranging from simple game animations to processing the images taken by weather satellites.”

Image alchemy is the commercial software for processing images in various forms. No matter in which form they exist, image alchemy can transform the photo files into any other format as desired. This unique technique was originally developed by Handmade Software Inc. The software is known to support as many as 90 or even more, different image formats.

The name alchemy is given to this technique in the backdrop of the fact that early alchemists used to turn lead into gold. Similarly, these photo alchemists also turn the simple images into some mesmerizing ones.

Image alchemy is specifically the conversion and scaling of images into any desired format as well as size. It can automatically resize a large number of files at a time. The software also has the capability to record the scripts that are required to transform images into specific forms.

Apart from image formats, image alchemy is so versatile and user-friendly that it supports various operating systems too.

Those platforms include Windows Console, MS-DOS, Macintosh, several UNIX platforms.

Image Alchemy has been used in various scenarios, ranging from simple game animations to processing the images taken by weather satellites.

Image Alchemy In Gaming Animations

“Image alchemy is an expert in recognizing different image formats and animation both.”

Image alchemy is an expert in recognizing different image formats and animation both. In earlier days, the animation required a lot of effort as they were completely hand drawn. However, with the advent of various softwares the animations in games and movies have become hassle-free operations.

While image alchemy is mainly based on scripts to perform the operations of image processing and transforming, but in the case of animation, it may not even require any script.

Herein, the software can create a palette for a series of images and then map them accordingly keeping the color and quality intact. Interpretation of both the static and dynamic images becomes easier.

The traditional animation techniques have been outdated already. On top of that, image alchemy adds an extra edge to the creation of these illusions of movements. Starting with an image, which is continuously replaced by another and so on, this software provides the platform to customize each image perfectly.

Facial discriminations, the color combination as well as distinction and detailed features of every image can be identified with the help of image alchemy.

Since animation has come a long way from just 15 frames per second to 25 frames per second, the quality of the images cannot be compromised with, and thus software like image alchemy comes to the rescue.

Image Alchemy In Weather Satellites

“Weather satellites images.”

Weather satellites have become an integral part of our lives, but are often overlooked. Had it not been for the weather satellites and their images, we would have survived till now.

A satellite that provides the images of the weather conditions over the continents is direly needed by the weather experts for forecasting the weather of a particular area. And image alchemy provides the benefit of color recognition and processing of those images.

The images can be compressed or expanded to fit in for any kind of application platform. Therefore, manipulation of the images with image alchemy is quite easier. In case you require an image for your website, you can get it compressed according to the requirement via this software without compromising on the quality of the image.

Additionally, in case of any hazard captured in the satellite image, it can be clearly identified with the help of image alchemy. This, in turn, will help in preventing catastrophes. In simple words, interpreting an image becomes convenient with the help of this software.

Therefore, in conclusion, it can be said that image alchemy is like the brain of processing images.

You can manipulate and transform images according to your need. There are various scripts that are preloaded for performing various functions in the software. You may use them according to your need. Sometimes, even newly made scripts may be stored too, which are either hard to remember or which are most commonly used.

Therefore, the documentation is also great in case of image alchemy as it can store as well as writing most of the functions.