Uses Of Image Alchemy In Different Scenarios From Game Animation To Weather Satellites

Image alchemy is the commercial software for processing images in various forms. No matter in which form they exist, image alchemy can transform the photo files into any other format as desired. This unique technique was originally developed by Handmade Software Inc. The software is known to support as many as 90 or even more, different image formats. The name alchemy is given to this technique

Handmade Software Inc: The Rise And Fall Of The Image Alchemy Revolution

The modality of including image is regarded to be an art that depicts the exact message in the much interactive way. Image Alchemy is a well-recognised development software model that manipulates the image files of the computer. It is held to transform various file formats into a specific file format, widely accepted for its multipurpose functionality which includes using colours, resizing, and altering

Web Image Alchemy, A Pioneer In Online Images Conversion

From weather imaging to animation and graphics, the requirement of image compression and conversion for different purpose has taken a toll in the past few years. At Handmade Software Inc., the efficient and enthusiastic team is always in quest to make something so useful that people from every corner of the world can make the best use of their software. The Handmade Software started its journey